October 9, 2010

10 things that i hate the most

Hello everyone! There's been so many things that happened lately that makes me think about something be it the good one or the bad one. This time i am going to speak the truth about what makes me annoy or in other word, the thing that i hate the most. So here we go..

1. A person who likes to scold others with high voice

I personally feel that this kind of person should consider the other's feeling when he/she scolds others. Eventhough you are mad at someone, there are some ways that you can show it instead of scolding them straight to their face. Not everyone can accept this kind of situation, especially the girls who mostly are soft hearted. It is kind indeed if he/she can use a polite ways whenever they feel like splashing their anger.

2. Bad weather

Sunny day, bright or windy is what i'm always wish for every time i wake up from my sleep. This is due to the fact that my beloved country, Malaysia is a humid and dry country throughout the year. Sometimes it could be difficult to do activities when it is raining or cloudy since weather plays a big role in our everyday lives. I don't like using an umbrella so it is kind of irritating to bring it anywhere i go just to make sure i don't get wet.

3. Crowded place

Frankly speaking, i dislike being in the crowded place especially when others are pushing me from behind and in front. People usually will act crazy and selfish in this kind of situation. They would not consider others who they pushed, instead they just wanted to make sure that what they want will be fulfill. Moreover, when I'm at this place i can smell any kind of perfumes be it good or smelly. I really don't feel comfortable being like this especially when people are queuing to get into the bus. This is very annoying and unacceptable for me.

4. Flies really makes me annoy!

I hate flies and that's final. I got bite by it and it left me with a small red dot on my hands or legs. I really can't stand this. It's really hard for me to do my job when there are flies flying around me. I could just smash it with a book or anything as long as i could get rid of it.

4. People who throw harsh words to others.

What does this kind of people think when they do this? Do they think they are great enough?
Oh my.. Please think twice before you talk. I hate it when people yelling and talk to me using harsh words like i'm dumb. Hello?? Can't you stop talking in that way and think about other's feeling when you talk like that? Not every one can accept this okay. So please, go find any class that can teach you the proper way to communicate with people. That's better.

5. Dirty surroundings.

Firstly, i consider myself as a neat person. I dislike messy because it only makes me feel uncomfortable. This situation is unbearable for me. As for me, i love to arrange my things according to their place and twice a week i will make sure that my desk or cupboards are clean and free from any dust.

6. Control freak is not my type.

I don't like it if someone is trying to influence me and my life so much that it's hard for me to make up my own mind. I'm not a toy that should listen to every thing and do it without even considering my feeling that i actually don't like it. It's okay to say a few words but if it is too much then that's it, i'm going to say goodbye.

7. People who is stubborn.

I personally feel that he/she should try to change and become more flexible. I find it hard to work with this type of person because they only think that they are the best and they knows every single thing. Hello? Do you think you are the only one who go to school/university? Why not share with me something that i might not know instead of saying no, your point is incorrect? I hate it when people said no to others like very often. It's really annoying.

8. People who break their promises.

Promise is promise, so there are no reason for you to break it. Unless you have something that is emergency. I mean seriously, you make a promise to someone and suddenly you cancel it for a silly reason. Who can accept that right?

9. Black outs.

I am afraid of the dark except when i go to sleep. I used to hear a ghost stories that happened during the black outs so it's kind of scary to me. Plus, it is hard when there is no electricity and i have to stop do my thing and start looking for a candle or an emergency lamp.

10. Sloppy person.

I think that appearance play a big role in our lives. If you wear something that is not nice, people will think twice or more to approach you. I am not judging someone by its cover, but at least wear something nicely and put a deodorant or perfume to make you smell good.

September 29, 2010

10 facts about me

Hye everyone! We meet again today as i am going to share something with you about things that you maybe do not know about me. Read my post title yet? Yes!
The 10 facts about me. Let's get started!

1. I am a huge fan of
Manchester United! (:

I started to love football back when i was 16 when i watched the game between Manchester United and Liverpool with my dad at home. I enjoyed watching because of the fans and some of the players are pretty good looking. Hehe. I can stay up all night or even wake up in the morning only not to missed their game. I have a few items in my room that i bought which have their image like a mugs, jerseys, key chain, towel and a bag. All of them are my beloved things that i would never trade for anything in this world. My all time favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he is now playing for Real Madrid, i still adore him not just because of his looks, but mostly due to his skills and abilities. He helped Manchester United to win lots of trophies like the premiership league and European clubs. Despite that, Manchester United has moved on and getting better without him. This club has signed a few number of players and i really hope that they can win more trophies for this season. Oh by the way, i hate Liverpool since they are rival to my beloved team! :-P

2. Photography is my passion (:

I just love photography and my inspiration comes from capturing those special moments or bonds between people. I love looking at my surroundings especially the nature and people do their routines. It have special meaning to me because i like to analyze things in my head every time when i see something with my both eyes. I got this hobby from my dad so i want to say thanks to him! He always be the one who take our family's pictures. So one day i was trying to snap some shots using his camera but it turned out not so good. I felt angry so i keep on taking a picture until i satisfied and that is where i started to love photography. Apart from that, i love looking back at my own personal family photos. It brings back so many good memories. It has a sentimental value to me because i know a picture is worth a thousand stories.

3. I'm a gadget freak! (:

Yes, i love technology a lot! Anything that have buttons or even a touch screen will be my favourite. It's in my blood since i was 16, i saw this cool laptop which is a Macbook Pro from Apple. The features are awesome and my eyes was like shining looking at it. Since then i will surf the net to check out the new gadgets that is a hot topic among the techno geeks. It's fun to read the reviews from people who been used the gadget because i will know which one is the best and which one is bad. This helps me to choose which gadget is good and worth buying. Recently, i just bought an iPhone 3GS at the Pavillion. I was so happy as it was on my wish lists. The colour is black with a sleek design and the applications are awesome as i can download it from the iTunes for free. Overall, i love technology and what it does. But i think it should enhance and not take over your life.

4. I ♥ The Sim 3 (:

I love playing this game since i was in form 2. My sister is the one who introduce me to this and since then i never get bored of playing it. This game let me control the people on what to do, what to wear and many more. This game is fun because it motivates me to go for my dream and the key is willing to work hard. In this game, i will make sure that my sim will achieve their lifetime wish and once i succeed, they will get a lifetime rewards too. It reflects to the reality, isn't it? That's why we must work hard to get our dreams.

5. OMGoosshh!! I'm so in love with cats (-:

I have three cats and their names are, K'Chi, Mieca & Ello. All of them are males. I started to raise them when i was in form 5. Why i love cat? Firstly, they're cuddly. I find that cats are far more cuddly. Although not all cats are cuddly but many are. Next, they're quiet. Compared to the dogs, who likes to bark a lot and always make noise that it hurts my ears. Cats can be a good companion. Whenever i'm feeling sad i will talk to them. I know they can't talk but they will give me a respond, for instance, he will look at my eyes or sit on my lap and accompany me throughout the night. That's so sweet of him and i feel great after that.

6. Always fit n pump, owhh yeahh!!

Beauty is not pain. All we need to do is just to spend little of our time to EXERCISE. By exercise, it makes me feel energized and joyful to start my day and I am ready to get active. I believe that exercise can help us to stay away from disease. During my free time i will do aerobics. It's fun yet tiring so much so that i must move really fast just to make myself sweats a lot. Sometimes it's hard to make time for this since now i'm at the campus. Despite that, I still want to make it as part of my life not only it helps me to maintain a healthy weight and look good, but it makes me feel so great.

7. I want to take a cruise

I always wanted to take a cruise after watching The Titanic. I think it would be awesome if i can be on the top of it and see the ocean right in front of my eyes. I wanted to be at the outside cabin with a balcony. From there i can have a perfect view. There are many nice places that i can go such as The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Honduras and Grand Cayman. This thing is on my wish list and i will make sure that one day i can fulfill this dream :)

8. Music is my therapy

Music helps me to stay calm when i'm stress and moody. It can influence me in my everyday lives too. Moreover, it is one way for me to get out of reality for a while. Currently i have 800 songs in my laptop which i can listen to every day when i want to. I listen to many genres of song. I am universal so i don't mind listening to oldies or hits songs because to me music is still a music although it comes from different era.

9. Love to get unwind with a gateway!

I would love to visit more travel destinations. In fact, if i could afford it and had enough money i would travel somewhere different every month. I think by travelling it gives me an opportunity of meeting new people especially the locals. Plus, i can learn and understand their way of life and also learning more about the place. Other than that, i want to try their local delicacies. Different place will have different types of foods. Furthermore, i get the chance to learn new languages. Well, at least some basics. The memories is another reason why i love travelling. I want to take pictures as many as i can so that i can reminisce. The photos that i take can be showed to my family and friends.

10. I love karaoke! (:

The world of music is wonderful. As for me, i love singing and karaoke! I like to hangout with my friends and we will go for karaoke and sing along together. It makes me joyful whenever i do this because it is a place where i can pretend like i'm an artist and can sing any song that i like. Karaoke can actually be a tool for building confidence. It's because i have to sing confidently in front of an audience and put my shyness aside. Sometimes, i will go karaoke with my family too. We will compete to be the best singer of the night.

August 31, 2010

My classmates

Today i am going to write about what i feel for my classmates, D3E1. Dear friends, i will share about what i personally think about all of you. Be scared, real scared. Ok, i am kidding :)

Let me start with the guys first. First of all..


He has a unique name called Hulk. He looks tough among the guys due to his physical. At first i thought he is naughty because he used to tease some girls. Now after the third semester, my perception about him has changed. He is totally different from what i thought. I felt like he is our brother in the class because he got the personality as a big brother that really care about his siblings :)


I think he is the clown of our class. Why is that so? he loved to laugh and smile no matter what happened to him. If there is an award for his bubbly behavior i will give the award to him. I was wondering what make he feels happy almost everyday we met him in the class. But after all, i can see that he is a nice guy and i felt okay towards him.


A nice guy and a little bit funny sometimes but depends on the situation too.He used to be our class representative during our first semester. He got the persona as a leader but sometimes he doesn't act like one. Plus, it is hard to see him coming to class this semester which i don't know the reason he didn't come.


I personally think that he is the quiet among all the guys. But still he can laugh and do something that looks silly. He can give a good advide too to all of us which i think it is based on his experience in life that makes him look matured among the guys. I adore him for that because it is hard to find a guy at his age who can think beyond our circle of knowledge.


Arif or also known as "tutu" is a person who transformed from being sloppy to a smart guy who dressed up nicely. He also got a nice personality now compared to the first semester which is good for him. He can be a leader too and good about multimedia. I can see that he has a passion towards things like technology.


His face looks like a Pakistani's guy. He is rarely come to class this semester and late for class which i wonder why he is like that now. He looks quiet but when he opened his mouth he can talk a lot. He is skinny with a thick eyebrows too. He is also one of the committees member for our society.

Now i want to talk about the girls. Girls in my class mostly have their own group. They will do their group work and assignments together and usually will go anywhere togetehr too. Every girl in my class are all good and nice. I love being with them. They are cool to be with. I hope our friendship will blossom from year to come. Love ♥

Noor Amira

She is a lovely and a funny girl. I love to see her smile because it looks so sweet. I can see her as a talkative person who likes to share her thoughts with her friends. She can be excited too when she starts to talk. Moreover, she does her job very nicely to get the great results.


A petite girl who looks cute like a small girl that age around 14-16 years old. She seems quite sometimes but when she talks it will be different because i can see her smiling. She is the one who does not take things easily and will give her best that she can to impress. She always with her three bestfriends which is Noor Amira, Shafiqa and Fatin.


She is the girl who looks strict and a hardworking person. I can see that she is sensitive and brave sometimes when it comes to a certain situation. Moreover, she is a clever girl and i respect her for that because of her efforts on studies. That's good for her.

Fatin Afiqah

A tall girl with a nice figure who loves to dress up nicely to the class. Next, she comes from area that close to Segamat which is Labis. She seems quiet sometimes and a bit shy. Usually, she will be with her close friends like Amira, Shafiqa and Nurhazwani. They will be together in the class and sit together.

Nik Syaza Syafinaz

I love to be friend with her because she is like an older sister due to her maturity. I think she likes to give her very best when doing her assignments. She is also friendly with people around her. She looks kind because its hard to see her making noise and always pay her attention in the classroom.

Siti Noor Aisyah

She is a hardworking, very funny and cool person in the class. One thing that i like about her is she can balance herself like doing an assignment nicely and making jokes at the same time. She makes me feel comfortable when talk to her and that's good. It's nice to have her around the class.

Siti Solehah

She has a nickname called "Sokso". A girl who looks skinny and kind of tall. She loves sports and i can see that. Always tried her best on things that she do and never want to lose is what i see since i know her. That is good because it pays off when she got the dean's list for the last semester.

Diyana Izni

She is a sweet girl with the classic look. She have this kind of habit which is speaking with a bit of slang especially when she pronounce the R sounds. Hehe. She is a dedicated person who likes to give her best in everything that she do which is good. Plus, she can do silly and funny things too because at first she seems like a serious person to me.

Nur Iza

A cute girl who are funny,friendly and wacky too. She has a chubby face and her appearance makes she looks like a matured person. Whenever i hangout with her, i can see that she is talkative and loved to share things that happened in her life to us. I would like to hear more of her stories in the future :)

Ain Diyana

The tallest girl in my class and very independent one which i respect her for that. She loves make-up and pretty things like nice clothes or shoes. Plus, she is a feminine who likes to dress up nicely everytime she went to class or outside. A hardworking girl, friendly and funny too. That's what i love about her.


She is the girl who looks a bit like a Chinese and that makes her special among us. A debater which full of ideas in her head and likes to give her opinions. Plus, she is independent because she can do something by her own since she know what to do without need so much helped from others.

Nor Asma

A brave, funny, and friendly girl in the class. I think she always look cool but sometimes a bit clumsy especially when she do the presentation in front of the class. I know she is a clever person because she can understand something quickly. I adore her for that.

Nor Hafiza

She got a small body and wearing a spectacles. Sometimes it's hard to hear her voice in the class but she is fun and funny to be with. I can laugh when she's trying to do the funny face of hers especially when she is talking. She is hardworking and serious too sometimes when doing her work.


We called her with the name "Ponti". She is our class representative for this semester. I can see that she is a very flexible person because she can be funny and strict when it comes to the right time. I think she got the look of a leader because she knows what to do and can talk and mix with everyone be it the boys or girls.

Shabirrul Ain

We call her Shabi sometimes :) A cute little girl who wearing a spectacles with a long hair. I like the way she talks because of her soft voice and her smiles makes her look really cute! She is a hardworking and a dedicated person and it shows when she do the presentation or do her assignments. That's good!

Ku Norazila

A lovely girl with a cute eyes and chubby face. She loves to pose and taking pictures. I think she is nice and funny too. Sometimes she can be clumsy and panic when she doesn't know how to do something. I feel that she is friendly because she loves to talk with everyone and that's good.

Nur Amirah

She is a tall girl with a cute face. She can speaks a lot sometimes and it's cute due to her expressions. At first i thought she is quiet but after know her for three semester my perceptions towards her has changed. I can see that she is friendly and kind to her friends.

Shahiera Nabila

A very cool person and brave too. She can be just the way she likes to without care about what others think about her actions. I also know that she loves to drive fast because that's her passion. Sometimes she can be a quiet person too.

Nurul Fashiehah

She can be called as Che Ah instead of her real name. I think she loves to dress up and do her own style which is very brave of her. She looks sweet when she smiles and i can see that she is friendly too with the people around her.


The quiet one in the class but actually she is a nice girl and very kind with her friends. She is not a kind of person who will scolding at others. I think she looks cool most of the time. To me, she is a very nice girl :)

Nuswatun Hasanah

She seems busy this semester because of her position as a member of the committees at her college. We like to called her"Guru Besar" because pf her appearance that looks matured. I feel that she is an outspoken, strict and tough person.


She comes from Kedah and that makes her special 'cos she got her own slang. A pretty girl with a fair skin and nice hair. She is friendly and cool to be with her. That's what i feel for her :)

One night with the wackiest friends i have ever had

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down"
- Oprah Winfrey

Who does not want a lifetime friends that can be there for you during the bad and good time?
Everybody needs someone that can be called as your buddies. So do i. Today, this is what i want to say on my entry. Just to share something that can be share with all of you.

Last weekend, i hangout with my friends, Diyana, Ain and Iza. Me and Diyana comes from the same block called Sempana Alam Buana (Sab). We decided to sleep at Ain and Iza's rooms to finish up our assignments. So we packed our belongings and went there. That night was awesome. We had a really great time together, we enjoyed the moment that we spent too. It was full of laughs and tickling moments on that night. I never expect that four of us will be like that for only one night. Who knows what will happen if we would stay together for a longer time? haha i bet our neighbours will shout at us telling us to be quiet. Hehe.

This is what i called a blast time with friends that u would never expect. I never think that this will change my perceptions about them. After the night, i think back about things that we did and what i can see is different person with different personality. I loved being with them since they cheer up my day and i was overjoy throughout the night. Thanks dear friends, I felt blast with all of you! :)

August 15, 2010

Memories of Ramadhan

Firstly, I would like to wish all of my friends and Mr.Izuan happy celebrating Ramadhan al-mubarak! :)

Ramadhan is a month where all the Muslims all over the world will fast from sunrise to sunset.
During this month, the gates of Paradise will be opened and the gates of Hellfire will be closed.
Today, I want to share my memories during Ramadhan with all of you. Alhamdulillah, i have been breathing for 19 years and get the opportunity to fast during this holy month and hopefully it will continues until my last Ramadhan.

The first time i started to fast is when i was 6 years old. It was tough for me back then because at the age of 6, there are so many things that tried to stop me from fasting. Ice cream and chocolates are my obsession and looking at some of my friends who are not fasting with these foods will make me feel jealous. There is also a moment when i was caught drinking that i took from the fridge by my mother. She was angry and i got punished by her. Hehe. Whenever i think back i will laugh non stop thinking about how mischievous i was back then.

Well, there are lots of memories that i want to share but basically it is all about i was being caught eating or cheating. Haha. I guess my friends are like that too when they were young.
But, Alhamdulillah. Now as i grow older i realized the importance of fasting and i do not want to miss any day to fast because the reward is big for those who fast during this holy month.
Lastly, let's take this opportunity to increase devotion to Allah the Most Merciful by reading the Al-Quran, self improvement, community involvement, charity and good deeds. Insya'allah.

My roommates

This new semester i got a new room with a number 113D at Kolej Sempana Alam Buana. It is only a few steps away from my old room. Everything is new with new roommates. This time i have three new friends which is Najihah, Mahirah & Shahira. We are all in a same course and part. Sounds fun right? (:

Okay, i want to share about them in this entry now. First of all, let me start with Najihah or Jiha for short. She comes from Ampang, Selangor which is kind of near to my place called Setiawangsa. She is friendly and love to smile a lot when i talk to her. It is fun to have someone like her in my room plus her bed is over mine so basically we share a same bed. Hehe. Well Jiha, it is cool to know you and hopefully we can know each other well after this. :)

Next, will be Mahirah. She is super cute when she laughs. That's what i thought of her during our first ever meet at room. Negeri Sembilan is where she was born and one thing about her that tickles me is that she loves eating spicy food but after that she will get stomach ache. She never gives up on eating spicy food :P She is fun and i enjoy knowing her.

Finally, is the youngest among the three of us which is Shahira or Ija. She is cute when she sneezes and we always laugh after she did that. We like to tease her sometimes because she is like a baby and love to make us laugh as well. When she is not in the room, we will miss her laugh and jokes that she loves to do everytime she is in the room. We love her :)

Overall, i love them as my roommates for this semester. I wish that we will become closer after this even if we are not become a roommates anymore.

August 1, 2010

Being a senior

So, what's it like being a senior? I'll tell you. It's fun. To be a senior in university is to gaze at your future with bright eyes. Most of the juniors will make you as their reference on many things with so many questions that starts with what, when, why, where and how. Sometimes it could be fun and also pretty annoying too. So to describe my feelings about this topic, i would say i enjoyed being a senior since i get to know many peoples each day. :)

Sometimes when i saw them i will start to reminisce about the past. I used to be like them, asking the seniors about so many things. But still it's fun though. I got the chance to know them better by just asking them some questions. After all, it is a whole new experience that every juniors must went through during the first semester. This will teach them something at least how to be independent without depends on others.

As a senior, i must show good examples to the juniors and we're expected to go to class. This will brings respect as they saw us the seniors that have good attitudes. Hopefully they will follow this and this tradition will continue. I don't mind if they want my help as long as i am able to and of course, they have to be nice with me or else they won't get my help. Haha. But no worries juniors, I am nice. :)