August 1, 2010

Being a senior

So, what's it like being a senior? I'll tell you. It's fun. To be a senior in university is to gaze at your future with bright eyes. Most of the juniors will make you as their reference on many things with so many questions that starts with what, when, why, where and how. Sometimes it could be fun and also pretty annoying too. So to describe my feelings about this topic, i would say i enjoyed being a senior since i get to know many peoples each day. :)

Sometimes when i saw them i will start to reminisce about the past. I used to be like them, asking the seniors about so many things. But still it's fun though. I got the chance to know them better by just asking them some questions. After all, it is a whole new experience that every juniors must went through during the first semester. This will teach them something at least how to be independent without depends on others.

As a senior, i must show good examples to the juniors and we're expected to go to class. This will brings respect as they saw us the seniors that have good attitudes. Hopefully they will follow this and this tradition will continue. I don't mind if they want my help as long as i am able to and of course, they have to be nice with me or else they won't get my help. Haha. But no worries juniors, I am nice. :)

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