October 9, 2010

10 things that i hate the most

Hello everyone! There's been so many things that happened lately that makes me think about something be it the good one or the bad one. This time i am going to speak the truth about what makes me annoy or in other word, the thing that i hate the most. So here we go..

1. A person who likes to scold others with high voice

I personally feel that this kind of person should consider the other's feeling when he/she scolds others. Eventhough you are mad at someone, there are some ways that you can show it instead of scolding them straight to their face. Not everyone can accept this kind of situation, especially the girls who mostly are soft hearted. It is kind indeed if he/she can use a polite ways whenever they feel like splashing their anger.

2. Bad weather

Sunny day, bright or windy is what i'm always wish for every time i wake up from my sleep. This is due to the fact that my beloved country, Malaysia is a humid and dry country throughout the year. Sometimes it could be difficult to do activities when it is raining or cloudy since weather plays a big role in our everyday lives. I don't like using an umbrella so it is kind of irritating to bring it anywhere i go just to make sure i don't get wet.

3. Crowded place

Frankly speaking, i dislike being in the crowded place especially when others are pushing me from behind and in front. People usually will act crazy and selfish in this kind of situation. They would not consider others who they pushed, instead they just wanted to make sure that what they want will be fulfill. Moreover, when I'm at this place i can smell any kind of perfumes be it good or smelly. I really don't feel comfortable being like this especially when people are queuing to get into the bus. This is very annoying and unacceptable for me.

4. Flies really makes me annoy!

I hate flies and that's final. I got bite by it and it left me with a small red dot on my hands or legs. I really can't stand this. It's really hard for me to do my job when there are flies flying around me. I could just smash it with a book or anything as long as i could get rid of it.

4. People who throw harsh words to others.

What does this kind of people think when they do this? Do they think they are great enough?
Oh my.. Please think twice before you talk. I hate it when people yelling and talk to me using harsh words like i'm dumb. Hello?? Can't you stop talking in that way and think about other's feeling when you talk like that? Not every one can accept this okay. So please, go find any class that can teach you the proper way to communicate with people. That's better.

5. Dirty surroundings.

Firstly, i consider myself as a neat person. I dislike messy because it only makes me feel uncomfortable. This situation is unbearable for me. As for me, i love to arrange my things according to their place and twice a week i will make sure that my desk or cupboards are clean and free from any dust.

6. Control freak is not my type.

I don't like it if someone is trying to influence me and my life so much that it's hard for me to make up my own mind. I'm not a toy that should listen to every thing and do it without even considering my feeling that i actually don't like it. It's okay to say a few words but if it is too much then that's it, i'm going to say goodbye.

7. People who is stubborn.

I personally feel that he/she should try to change and become more flexible. I find it hard to work with this type of person because they only think that they are the best and they knows every single thing. Hello? Do you think you are the only one who go to school/university? Why not share with me something that i might not know instead of saying no, your point is incorrect? I hate it when people said no to others like very often. It's really annoying.

8. People who break their promises.

Promise is promise, so there are no reason for you to break it. Unless you have something that is emergency. I mean seriously, you make a promise to someone and suddenly you cancel it for a silly reason. Who can accept that right?

9. Black outs.

I am afraid of the dark except when i go to sleep. I used to hear a ghost stories that happened during the black outs so it's kind of scary to me. Plus, it is hard when there is no electricity and i have to stop do my thing and start looking for a candle or an emergency lamp.

10. Sloppy person.

I think that appearance play a big role in our lives. If you wear something that is not nice, people will think twice or more to approach you. I am not judging someone by its cover, but at least wear something nicely and put a deodorant or perfume to make you smell good.