July 20, 2010

My subjects for this semester

This new semester I have 7 subjects altogether. Met our previous lecturer, Mr. Ismail who is going to teach us again for this semester in access to information (IMD 201). He told us the syllabus for this subject and the contents too. It helps us to understand what the subject is all about and what are the course objectives and descriptions. This is the core subject and it has 3 credit hours. Basically this subject will teach us about the bibliographic, roles of library agencies and their roles. Overall I think the class was fun and I am looking forward for the next class.

Next, the class was about computer maintenance (IMD 203). We got Miss Siti Nuur-Ila as our lecturer for this course. She is friendly and got sense of humor too because this course is pretty technical and we need to understand about the operations of computer and so on. This course is a core subject with 3 credit hours. Every Monday we will have this class at computer lab. This subject is interesting because it teach us about the computer but more detail and lots of things that are a bit complex.

Apart from that, we have a class with our next lecturer, Miss Nor Diana. She teaches us in technical support and services in information agencies (IMD 255). This is also one of the core subjects that have 3 credit hours. As for the course evaluation, course work consists of test which is 10%, quizzes (5%), and final project (20%). The total is 40%. While the final examination is 60%. A total mark is 100%. This course provides an overview of technical services in information agencies which includes cataloging and some aspects of public services. She explains to us about the objectives of this course and what we can expect from this course. I think I will have to remember the facts and many terms in this course. Overall this will be a new experience for me and other students.

Another subject for this semester is promotion of information products and services
(IMD 202). Miss Nor Rashidah is the lecturer for this course. She is also our former lecturer for the previous semester. This is the core subject with 3 credit hours. She gave us the course syllabus content and explains to us what the objectives for this course are. The teaching methodology are consists of lectures and tutorials. The assessments are course work is 40% while the examination is 60%. In addition, she also talked about the course description, basically it is about the method of promoting both information products and services as well as managing the information agencies.

"Pengurusan ilmu Islam" (CTU 264) is another subject for this semester. Ustaz Saidin will be teaching us on this course. He seems nice and he told us about the course content and the objectives. This course has 2 credit hours. We will go through the lectures and tutorials class. Course work is 40% and final examination is 60%. The course is about the Islamic institutions and the elements and ethics of managing in Islam. Moreover, it will touch about the understanding of the application in managing information according to the right way and the Al-Quran.

As for my co-cocuriculum, I have joined the entrepreneur walkabout 1. The code for this is (HBD 118). We got Mr.Sokri bin Sulaiman as our lecturer. The credit hour is 1. This class is basically about the entrepreneur and mainly about how to be a good on this field. Mr. Sokri is a nice and easy going person so I enjoyed being in his class. During the first meeting with him, he showed us some of the rich peoples in Malaysia. It is interesting because normally people only look upon the richest peoples outside of Malaysia. After that, he shared with us about the experiences that he had been going through. He guided us about the good ways to look for the opportunities in business. This is very helpful because I gained lots of knowledge during the session with him. I hope I can learn a lot from him in the next class.

Last but not least, is the English for academic purposes (BEL 311). This course has 3 credit hours and is a preparatory course for muet. The assessment for this course consists of on-going assessment which is 60% while for the final examination is 40%. The first one is written assignment, its total is 30% which consists pair work (5%), outline (5%), draft (10%) and lastly is final draft (15%). Next, will be speaking test with the total 20%. There are group of 4 students, discuss on a problem solving situation, 5 minutes for preparation, and 15-20 minutes for discussion. Apart from that, is attendance with 10%. It depends on punctuality, participation and timely submission of assignments. Finally, it is about the final examination which has 40%. There are 3 hour paper, part A – reading, and part B – writing. Each percent is 20%. So the total would be 100%. Mr.Izuan is our lecturer for this subject. He looks strict but after awhile I think he is just being concern about the work performance. This course will have lots of writing and critical thinking for this semester. He gave us the scheme of work and the weekly schedule. This is helpful because it helps us to prepare earlier and expect what to be achieved at the end of the lecture. Overall, I love this class because I would like to improve my English language to become better from time to time. Hope this will become reality. Insha’Allah.

July 6, 2010

A New Semester Begins

It is the time for the new semester and i am officially be called as a senior. Many things are running in my head as i packed my belongings and heading back to Segamat. Along the journey, I talked a lot with my parents because I know after this I will barely get the chance to talk with them like that. All the conversations will be just in the phone. Frankly speaking, I am the type of person who can be homesick easily. This is due to the fact that I come from a small family with only 1 older sister and I am the youngest. I am going to miss every moments that I usually spent with my family and not to forget my three cats. Sigh.

The time that I entered the campus, I was like okay hello Segamat hello everybody with the smiley face but not with the smiley heart. Ha ha. I was pretty sad because after this there will be no more Pavillion, KLCC, Mid Valley and many more. Sigh. I saw many unfamiliar faces and I thought maybe they were a new students for this semester. I went to Dewan Seri Peria near my college for the registration and settle some payments too. After finished, I took all my belongings and put it in my new room. I met my new roommates named Ija, Mahirah and Najihah. We are all in the same course and part. But unfortunately not in the same class. We took the opportunity to get to know each other and later I started to unpacked my things and arranged it nicely. During the night, I did some preparation for the class in the morning. Iron my baju kurung nicely and hanged it in my wardrobe. I slept early that night because I do not want to wake up late tomorrow.

The next morning, me and my friends went to the class together. We woke up a bit early that day maybe it is because we are excited to meet the rest of our classmates. We walked and talked along the way to the class. Feeling calm and happy are what we felt. Then we arrived and some of us are hugging one another. They looked very happy and smile widely. As for me, I am happy too because we have not met for a long time. This is the moment that i am waiting for since the last holiday.

The first day of a class started well. We met with our lecturers. Some of them are new to us and also there are two lecturers who already teach us on last semester. The lecturers asked us to introduce ourselves and share something about what we did during the semester break. Many of us seems enjoyed their break and had lots of things going on. Most of the lecturers finished the class early and did not gave us any homework yet. But only 1 class which is access to information (IMD201) teach by Mr.Ismail, had an assignment. We had to do some reading about what is bibliographic control, bibliographic utility, access to information and national bibliographic agency. After that, we must give our own opinions based on our reading. It is interesting because most of us are out of ideas what are they. The submission date is two weeks from that day.

After all classes had finished, we went back to the college. I was pretty tired but at the same time i felt happy too. I cannot wait for tomorrow. I am sure it will be fun and i am looking forward for it. During the night, i called my parents. I told my mother the classes was fun and all the things i did during the day was pretty exciting. Missed my family already. I promised that i will be back home if i am free. I set my alarm and packed my things for tomorrow. Hoping that tomorrow will be just fine for me.

I guess that's it for now. I will write again next time. Until then. Goodbye :)