September 29, 2010

10 facts about me

Hye everyone! We meet again today as i am going to share something with you about things that you maybe do not know about me. Read my post title yet? Yes!
The 10 facts about me. Let's get started!

1. I am a huge fan of
Manchester United! (:

I started to love football back when i was 16 when i watched the game between Manchester United and Liverpool with my dad at home. I enjoyed watching because of the fans and some of the players are pretty good looking. Hehe. I can stay up all night or even wake up in the morning only not to missed their game. I have a few items in my room that i bought which have their image like a mugs, jerseys, key chain, towel and a bag. All of them are my beloved things that i would never trade for anything in this world. My all time favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he is now playing for Real Madrid, i still adore him not just because of his looks, but mostly due to his skills and abilities. He helped Manchester United to win lots of trophies like the premiership league and European clubs. Despite that, Manchester United has moved on and getting better without him. This club has signed a few number of players and i really hope that they can win more trophies for this season. Oh by the way, i hate Liverpool since they are rival to my beloved team! :-P

2. Photography is my passion (:

I just love photography and my inspiration comes from capturing those special moments or bonds between people. I love looking at my surroundings especially the nature and people do their routines. It have special meaning to me because i like to analyze things in my head every time when i see something with my both eyes. I got this hobby from my dad so i want to say thanks to him! He always be the one who take our family's pictures. So one day i was trying to snap some shots using his camera but it turned out not so good. I felt angry so i keep on taking a picture until i satisfied and that is where i started to love photography. Apart from that, i love looking back at my own personal family photos. It brings back so many good memories. It has a sentimental value to me because i know a picture is worth a thousand stories.

3. I'm a gadget freak! (:

Yes, i love technology a lot! Anything that have buttons or even a touch screen will be my favourite. It's in my blood since i was 16, i saw this cool laptop which is a Macbook Pro from Apple. The features are awesome and my eyes was like shining looking at it. Since then i will surf the net to check out the new gadgets that is a hot topic among the techno geeks. It's fun to read the reviews from people who been used the gadget because i will know which one is the best and which one is bad. This helps me to choose which gadget is good and worth buying. Recently, i just bought an iPhone 3GS at the Pavillion. I was so happy as it was on my wish lists. The colour is black with a sleek design and the applications are awesome as i can download it from the iTunes for free. Overall, i love technology and what it does. But i think it should enhance and not take over your life.

4. I ♥ The Sim 3 (:

I love playing this game since i was in form 2. My sister is the one who introduce me to this and since then i never get bored of playing it. This game let me control the people on what to do, what to wear and many more. This game is fun because it motivates me to go for my dream and the key is willing to work hard. In this game, i will make sure that my sim will achieve their lifetime wish and once i succeed, they will get a lifetime rewards too. It reflects to the reality, isn't it? That's why we must work hard to get our dreams.

5. OMGoosshh!! I'm so in love with cats (-:

I have three cats and their names are, K'Chi, Mieca & Ello. All of them are males. I started to raise them when i was in form 5. Why i love cat? Firstly, they're cuddly. I find that cats are far more cuddly. Although not all cats are cuddly but many are. Next, they're quiet. Compared to the dogs, who likes to bark a lot and always make noise that it hurts my ears. Cats can be a good companion. Whenever i'm feeling sad i will talk to them. I know they can't talk but they will give me a respond, for instance, he will look at my eyes or sit on my lap and accompany me throughout the night. That's so sweet of him and i feel great after that.

6. Always fit n pump, owhh yeahh!!

Beauty is not pain. All we need to do is just to spend little of our time to EXERCISE. By exercise, it makes me feel energized and joyful to start my day and I am ready to get active. I believe that exercise can help us to stay away from disease. During my free time i will do aerobics. It's fun yet tiring so much so that i must move really fast just to make myself sweats a lot. Sometimes it's hard to make time for this since now i'm at the campus. Despite that, I still want to make it as part of my life not only it helps me to maintain a healthy weight and look good, but it makes me feel so great.

7. I want to take a cruise

I always wanted to take a cruise after watching The Titanic. I think it would be awesome if i can be on the top of it and see the ocean right in front of my eyes. I wanted to be at the outside cabin with a balcony. From there i can have a perfect view. There are many nice places that i can go such as The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Honduras and Grand Cayman. This thing is on my wish list and i will make sure that one day i can fulfill this dream :)

8. Music is my therapy

Music helps me to stay calm when i'm stress and moody. It can influence me in my everyday lives too. Moreover, it is one way for me to get out of reality for a while. Currently i have 800 songs in my laptop which i can listen to every day when i want to. I listen to many genres of song. I am universal so i don't mind listening to oldies or hits songs because to me music is still a music although it comes from different era.

9. Love to get unwind with a gateway!

I would love to visit more travel destinations. In fact, if i could afford it and had enough money i would travel somewhere different every month. I think by travelling it gives me an opportunity of meeting new people especially the locals. Plus, i can learn and understand their way of life and also learning more about the place. Other than that, i want to try their local delicacies. Different place will have different types of foods. Furthermore, i get the chance to learn new languages. Well, at least some basics. The memories is another reason why i love travelling. I want to take pictures as many as i can so that i can reminisce. The photos that i take can be showed to my family and friends.

10. I love karaoke! (:

The world of music is wonderful. As for me, i love singing and karaoke! I like to hangout with my friends and we will go for karaoke and sing along together. It makes me joyful whenever i do this because it is a place where i can pretend like i'm an artist and can sing any song that i like. Karaoke can actually be a tool for building confidence. It's because i have to sing confidently in front of an audience and put my shyness aside. Sometimes, i will go karaoke with my family too. We will compete to be the best singer of the night.

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