August 15, 2010

My roommates

This new semester i got a new room with a number 113D at Kolej Sempana Alam Buana. It is only a few steps away from my old room. Everything is new with new roommates. This time i have three new friends which is Najihah, Mahirah & Shahira. We are all in a same course and part. Sounds fun right? (:

Okay, i want to share about them in this entry now. First of all, let me start with Najihah or Jiha for short. She comes from Ampang, Selangor which is kind of near to my place called Setiawangsa. She is friendly and love to smile a lot when i talk to her. It is fun to have someone like her in my room plus her bed is over mine so basically we share a same bed. Hehe. Well Jiha, it is cool to know you and hopefully we can know each other well after this. :)

Next, will be Mahirah. She is super cute when she laughs. That's what i thought of her during our first ever meet at room. Negeri Sembilan is where she was born and one thing about her that tickles me is that she loves eating spicy food but after that she will get stomach ache. She never gives up on eating spicy food :P She is fun and i enjoy knowing her.

Finally, is the youngest among the three of us which is Shahira or Ija. She is cute when she sneezes and we always laugh after she did that. We like to tease her sometimes because she is like a baby and love to make us laugh as well. When she is not in the room, we will miss her laugh and jokes that she loves to do everytime she is in the room. We love her :)

Overall, i love them as my roommates for this semester. I wish that we will become closer after this even if we are not become a roommates anymore.

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